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Plant Guide: Ulmus Genus

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'Regal' (tree)
Similar to Homestead but is more upright -- columnar in youth. It is also more open textured, with larger leaves. Makes a great street tree.

'Pioneer' (tree)
Extremely vigorous and disease resistant USDA introduction. Rounded, spreading crown. Makes a good park or campus tree.

Ulmus americana
'Valley Forge' (Tree)
Most resistant of any American Elm to Dutch Elm Disease. Superb form.

Ulmus carpinifolia x parvifolia
'Frontier' (tree)
A recent USDA introduction. Good lustrous, dark green foliage and maroon fall color. Moderate resistance to elm leaf beetle. Vase-shaped growth habit.

Ulmus japonica x wilsoniana
AccoladeTM ('Morton') (tree)
Vase shaped habit, glossy dark green foliage. Fast growing. Good disease and insect resistance. Will tolerate dry soil conditions. Dr. George Wares selection from Morton ...

Ulmus japonica x wilsoniana
Danada CharmTM ('Morton Red Tip') (tree)
Vase shape similar to American Elm. New growth has a reddish hue and young leaves are tipped with red. DED resistant.

Ulmus pml x jpnica x wlsnna
TriumphTM ( 'Morton Glossy') (tree)
Glossy dark green foliage. Excellent disease and insect resistance. Upright form and strong branching. Dr. George Wares selection from Morton Arboretum

Ulmus pumila x glabra x carpinifolia
'Homestead' (tree)
Developed at the US Department of Agriculture Nursery Crops Research Laboratory in Delaware, Ohio. Symmetrical, somewhat pyramidal crown with moderately dense, dark green...

Ulmus U. pumila x U. davidiana var. japonica
Elm 'New Horizon' PP8684 (Tree)
'New Horizon' has dark green foliage with a strong branching habit, dense crown and good disease resistance.

Ulmus v. wilsoniana x pumila x carpinifolia
Elm 'Morton Stalwart' CommendationTM (Tree)
Cross with Accolade and a hybrid specimen of U. pumila x U. carpinifolia from Eastern Russia. Vigorous grower, adaptable, with excellent drought tolerance and good uprigh...

Ulmus v. wilsoniana x pumila x carpinifolia x glabra
Elm 'Patriot' (Tree)
National Arboretum introduction with outstanding form and disease resistance.

Ulmus wilsoniana
'Prospector' (tree)
Widely adaptable National Arboretum introduction that forms a broadly vase shaped crown. Good resistance to Dutch Elm Disease and Elm Bark Beetle.

Browse 12 plants: ulmu‑ulmu 
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