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Plant Guide: Syringa Genus

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Tinkerbelle® (shrub)
Result of a cross between S. meyer (Dwarf Korean) and S. microphylla 'Superba' (Little Leaf Lilac). Similar to Dwarf Korean but has wine red buds opening to a clear light...

Syringa meyeri
Dwarf Lilac 'Palibin' (shrub)
Branch texture, leaf size and flower are all in harmony. Sweetly fragrant, small, numerous lavender blooms. Slow growing, but does develop into broad, rounded and mounded...

Syringa patula
Miss SusieTM ('KLMone') (shrub)
A pink flowering form of 'Miss Kim'. Introduced by Roy Klehm.

Syringa patula
Dwarf Lilac 'Miss Kim' (shrub)
Slow growing, dense lilac that is used as a dwarf shrub when young. Given time, it does grow to 10' tall and 10' wide, but can be held to smaller size with proper pruning...

Syringa S. meyeri var. meyeri ├Ś S. pubescens subs. julianae 'Hers'
Dwarf Lilac 'Red Pixie' (Shrub)
Smaller Lilac with dark purple flowers that fade to pink. Sweetly Fragrant.

Syringa vulgaris
'Frederick Law Olmsted' (Shrub)
Prolific flowering. Neat, compact habit.

Syringa vulgaris
'Little Boy Blue' ('Wonderblue') (shrub)
New dwarf form of S. vulgaris. The ideal lilac for small gardens growing in rounded habit to about 5-6'. It has blossoms at eye and nose level. Sky-blue flowers are inflo...

Syringa vulgaris
'Albert F. Holden' (shrub)
Rated excellent by Father Fiala. Single, deep violet blooms with interesting bicolor effect created by silver blush on undersides of petal. Excellent fragrance and very m...

Syringa vulgaris
'Atheline Wilbur' (shrub)
A unique and beautiful color in a lilac. Flowers start out deep rose-lavender in bud and open to multi-petaled florets of orchid, rose and violet.

Syringa vulgaris
'Fiala Remembrance' (shrub)
Double white flowers, yellow in bud and very fragrant. Dedicated to the senior research hybridist and a founder of the International Lilac Society.

Syringa vulgaris
'Marie Frances' (shrub)
A new true pink lilac from Father Fiala's hybridizing efforts. Named in honor of his sister, Marie Frances Chaykowski. Lovely, soft, clear pink of very fine fragrance.

Syringa vulgaris
Common Lilac 'Agincourt Beauty' (shrub)
A COPF introduction with very large, single deep purple flowers.

Syringa vulgaris
Common Lilac 'Beauty of Moscow' (shrub)
One of the very best common lilacs with double, pale pink flowers that fade to soft white. Very fragrant.

Syringa vulgaris
Common Lilac 'Katherine Havemeyer' (shrub)
An excellent double flowering lavender-pink with very heavy flower panicles and "knock out" fragrance.

Syringa vulgaris
Common Lilac 'Monge' (shrub)
Prominent, single, reddish-purple flower with good mildew resistant foliage.

Syringa vulgaris
Common Lilac 'President Lincoln' (shrub)
Medium blue panicles with the truest blue of any lilac.

Syringa vulgaris
French Hybrid Lilac 'Arch McKean' (Shrub)
Blossoms are single with a reddish-purple color.

Syringa vulgaris
French Hybrid Lilac 'Letha E. House' (Shrub)
Single blossoms in pale lilac with hints of rose-pink. Large flower heads whose petals are curved with light lavender-pink undersides. Very fragrant, very handsome and sh...

Syringa vulgaris
French Hybrid Lilac 'Wedgwood Blue' (Shrub)
Beautiful single blue with lilac pink buds. Excellent, showy and finely fragrant lilac pink buds open to blue. Slower growing reaching 6' tall.

Syringa vulgaris
French Hybrid Lilac 'Yankee Doodle' (Shrub)
Single purple large flowers.

Syringa x chinensis
'Lilac Sunday' (shrub)
Like other S. chinensis cultivars, it is fine textured, with many slender branches and small leaves. It has many small panicles along the length of the branches. Heavy fl...

Syringa x hyacinthiflora
Hybrid Lilac 'Vesper Song' (Shrub)
Single violet purple flowers on a larger, early blooming plant.

Browse 22 plants: syri‑syri 
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