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Plant Guide: Spiraea Genus

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Spiraea japonica
Japanese Spirea 'Anthony Waterer' (shrub)
Attractive dark pink flower clusters throughout June and July. New foliage is a brownish red changing to dark bluish green. Great choice for massing, low hedge, or found...

Spiraea japonica
Japanese Spirea 'Candle Light' (shrub)
An introduction from Liss Forest Nursery, England, with soft butter yellow foliage, light pink flowers and a low compact habit.

Spiraea japonica
Japanese Spirea 'Froebelii' (shrub)
Good crop of deep lavender-pink June flowers. Very hardy and vigorous selection maturing at approximately 42" tall.

Spiraea japonica
Japanese Spirea 'Goldflame' (shrub)
Attractive color changes all through the seasons. Spring and fall foliage is mottled orange, copper and reddish tones. Summer foliage is gold to light green. Nicely cont...

Spiraea japonica
Japanese Spirea 'Goldmound' (shrub)
Attractive golden foliage spring, summer and fall. Beautiful soft pink June blooms. Compact growth and "mounds" nicely with age.

Spiraea japonica
Japanese Spirea 'Little Princess' (shrub)
Low growing variety with pleasant light pink blooms.

Spiraea japonica
Japanese Spirea 'Neon Flash' (shrub)
A new spirea discovered in the wilds of Japan. More vigorous than 'Anthony Waterer', new growth has a tinge of burgundy on edges. Summer display of bright reddish pink fl...

Spiraea japonica
Japanese Spirea Golden ThumbellinaTM ('KLMthirteen') (shrub)
Intermediate in size between Spiraea 'Goldmound' and 'Golden Imp'. Selected by Roy Klehm.

Spiraea japonica
Japanese Spirea Purple GemTM ('KLMeleven') (shrub)
Tight, compact growth habit with fairly dark flowers and maybe the best fall color of any Japanese Spirea.

Spiraea japonica
Japanese Spirea Royal PrinceTM ('KLMtwelve') (shrub)
One of the most striking of Roy Klehm's spirea introductions, with burgundy young leaves contrasting with the mature dark green foliage. Very nice fall color.

Spiraea betulifolia
Birchleaf Spirea 'Tor' (shrub)
'Tor' features a dense growth habit with rich dark green leaves and white mid spring flower clusters. The long lasting fall color is fabulous, constantly changing hues as...

Spiraea japonica
Spirea 'KLMtwenty' Royal KnightTM (Shrub)
Selected by Roy Klehm for its richly colored, pink-purple flowers and consistant burgundy fall color.

Spiraea nipponica
Nippon Spirea 'Snowmound' (shrub)
Attractive selection with small, dense, dark green leaves and abundant, white June blossoms up and down the branches. Takes shearing very well. An excellent choice for he...

Spiraea x cinerea
'Grefsheim' (shrub)
Handsome, early flowering with small white blossoms which clothe the leafless branches in April. The entire shrub appears like a white cloud. Highly rated by Galen Gates ...

Browse 14 plants: spir‑spir 
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