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Plant Guide: Rhus Genus

Browse 3 plants: rhus‑rhus 

Rhus aromatica
Fragrant Sumac 'Gro-Low' (shrub)
One of the best low growing, shade tolerant plants for mass planting. Fall color is a striking orange red. Very good for stabilizing slopes.

Rhus typhina
Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac 'Lacinata' (shrub)
Very similar to 'Dissecta' but the leaves are not quite as finely cut. Like all R. typhina, can root sucker to form large colonies. Individual plants are often short li...

Rhus typhina
Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac Tiger EyesTM ('Bailtiger') (shrub)
A variety of cutleaf Staghorn Sumac with spectacular yellow foliage color all through the growing season until fall, when it turns orange and red.

Browse 3 plants: rhus‑rhus 
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