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Plant Guide: Quercus Genus

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Quercus alba
White Oak (tree)
Pyramidal when young, wide spreading branches in maturity. One of the most handsome oaks, beautiful in structure year around. Zones 3b to 9.

Quercus bicolor
Swamp White Oak (tree)
Beautiful, native tree with lustrous, heavily textured green leaves with white pubescent undersides. Good, natural fibrous root system lends this oak to easier transplant...

Quercus ellipsoidalis
Northern Pin Oak (tree)
Northern Midwest version of Quercus palustris. Does not have the problem with chlorosis that Q. palustris does. Spectacular red fall color.

Quercus imbricaria
Shingle Oak (tree)
Lustrous green summer foliage becomes yellow to russet-red in fall. Pyramidal and upright outline when young becoming broad, rounded oak as it ages.

Quercus macrocarpa
Bur Oak (tree)
Native tree for our prairies and oak savannahs. Bold, luxurious foliage. More tolerant of city conditions than most oaks.

Quercus muehlenbergii
Chinkapin Oak (tree)
Medium sized oak with sharp-toothed dark green leaves. No disease problems. One of the better oaks for alkaline soils.

Quercus robur 'Fastigiata' x bicolor
Regal Prince®('Long') (tree)
Earl Cully introduction with columnar, narrow oval habit and striking dark green foliage. Highly resistant to borers, and powdery mildew. One of the more adaptable and co...

Quercus robur x alba
Crimson SpireTM ('Crimschmidt')PP 9103 (tree)
Upright oval habit, reddish purple leaves in fall. A robust hybrid.

Quercus robur x macrocarpa
Heritage®('Clemons') (tree)
An Earl Cully introduction with outstanding vigor and form. Maintains good central leader to top of the crown. Leathery dark green tatter-proof leaves. Highly mildew resi...

Quercus rubra
Red Oak (tree)
Excellent wide leafed Oak with thick shiny summer foliage and robust red fall colors. Transplants well. Fast growing. Good street tree.

Quercus x
Skymaster®('Pyramich') (tree)
Good pyramidal form with strong central leader and excellent branches. Good dark foliage.

Quercus x
Skyrocket®('Fastigiata') (tree)
Good narrow upright form that leafs out earlier than other cultivars. Foliage is highly mildew resistant.

Quercus x schuetti (macrocarpa x bicolor)
Swamp Bur Oak (tree)
A natural occurring hybrid which has hybrid vigor and can have characteristics of both species. Easier transplantability and straighter central leader than Bur Oak.

Browse 13 plants: quer‑quer 
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