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Plant Guide: Pyrus Genus

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Pyrus calleryana
Aristocrat® (tree)
A large and vigorously growing Callery Pear selection recommended for use more as a shade tree than as an ornamental. Glossy, slightly rippled clean green summer foliage....

Pyrus calleryana
Chanticleer® ('Glen's Form') (tree)
Also known as 'Cleveland Select'. More upright, somewhat tight, narrow growth habit. Excellent level of hardiness and most outstanding purple fall leaf coloration.

Pyrus calleryana
Callery Pear 'Earlyred' (tree)
A seedling of 'Bradford' with better branching, a more compact form, and earlier red fall color.

Pyrus calleryana
Callery Pear 'Trinty' (tree)
Trinity has a small, densely rounded head and a strong central leader.

Pyrus calleryana
Callery Pear 'Whitehouse' (tree)
A great columnar tree for tight, narrow spaces. Turns red earlier in the fall than other pears.

Pyrus calleryana x betulifolia
calleryana x betulifolia Edgewood® ('Edgedell')PP10151 (tree)
Silvery green foliage, emerging leaves have a purple tint.

Pyrus fauriei
Fauriei Pear Korean SunTM ('Westwood') (tree)
A finely textured ornamental pear with good fall color and compact habit. Very hardy.

Pyrus ussuriensis
Ussurian Pear Mountain FrostTM ('Bailfrost') (tree)
Good vigor with a more narrow, upright growth habit than other pears.

Pyrus ussuriensis
Ussurian Pear Prairie Gem® ('Mor Dak') (tree)
Introduced from North Dakota State University for cold hardiness and good fall color Great dark green foliage.

Browse 9 plants: pyru‑pyru 
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