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Plant Guide: Magnolia Genus

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'Yellow Bird' (tree)
Bright yellow, well shaped blooms that emerge as leaves are unfolding. Outstanding clone.

'Yellow Lantern' (tree)
A Phil Savage hybrid between M. acuminata and M. denudata. Delicate but large, soft, yellow spring blooms. Vigorous grower is pleasingly fragrant. Named for the yellow la...

x 'Butterflies' (PP 7456) (tree)
Many medium yellow flowers appear before foliage, giving the impression of many little butterflies covering the tree. One of the best magnolias in the country.

x 'Elizabeth' (tree)
Vigorous grower with pleasing soft yellow spring blooms. Hardy parentage of M. acuminata x M. denudata.

x 'Limelight' (tree)
Nice, vigorous upright grower with delicate green to cream yellow spring blooms. Hybridized by Phil Savage.

Magnolia 'Maxine Merrill' (Tree)
Smaller tree with beautiful yellow flowers.

Miss H-bee x stella rubra 'Gold Star' (tree)
Neat, tailored cream ivory to yellow star like blossoms. New foliage is bronze, like bronzed baby shoes. Hybridized by the grand master contemporary Magnolia expert, Ph...

Magnolia acuminata
Cucumbertree Magnolia (tree)
Large and fast growing pyramidal tree which can become a beautiful and majestic broad-rounded specimen.

Magnolia kobus
White, slightly fragrant blossoms with faint purple base. Medium to dark green foliage. Spectacular flowering.

Magnolia kobus x liliiflora
'Marillyn' (tree)
Beautiful, large cup-shaped outer blossoms of deep burgundy red with pure white inner petal complimentary colors. Very hardy. Blooms younger.

Magnolia liliiflora x stellata
Little Girl Hybrids 'Jane' (tree)
A 'Little Girl' magnolia. Same growth habit, but does not become as large as the others. They all are the result of the cross of liliiflora 'Nigra' x stellata 'Rosea', so...

Magnolia M. acuminata ' Miss Honeybee' x M. Denudata
Magnolia 'Goldfinch' (Tree)
Very hardy hybrid. Flowers at a young age. Attractive small tree.

Magnolia stellata
Star Magnolia 'Centennial' (tree)
Commemorates the hundredth anniversary of the Arnold Arboretum. Vigorous upright grower. Strong central leader.

Magnolia stellata
Star Magnolia 'Encore' (tree)
New introduction from Dr. August Kehr. Softest pink buds open into beautiful puffy balls of white tepals. Hardy selection that blooms abundantly when young.

Magnolia stellata
Star Magnolia 'Jane Platt' (tree)
Billowy spring flowers are lovely soft pink and pleasingly fragrant. Excellent crinkled foliage on well formed bushes.

Magnolia stellata
Star Magnolia 'Kikuzaki' (tree)
Prolific bloomer even as a young tree. Slight pink blush over the flower when it first opens turns to pure white. Roy Klehm recommends this variety as a superior selectio...

Magnolia stellata
Star Magnolia 'Royal Star' (tree)
Excellent multipurpose ornamental because of its dwarf, compact growth habits. Fine-textured attractive foliage and very fragrant pure white spring star like blooms.

Magnolia x
'Golden Gift' (tree)
One of the few yellow flowered Magnolias of smaller statue forming a multi stemmed shrub ideal for small gardens. Vivid yellow flowers arise in succession from numerous ...

Magnolia x
'Solar Flair' (tree)
Nicely textured slender 5''-6'' flowers are deep yellow with a light rose flushed base. Flowers late in the season. Hardy.

Magnolia x
'Yellow Joy' (tree)
A full sister to popular variety 'Butterflies'. Loads of fragrant lighter yellow blossoms. Excellent, interesting and attractive garden gem.

Magnolia x loebneri
'Encore' (tree)
Medium to large rounded bushy shrub is distinguished by its unusually grouped (up to 4) flower buds at the tip and along the stems. Pure white multi-petalled (20-25) flow...

Magnolia x loebneri
'Leonard Messel' (tree)
Flower buds are dark purple, opening to vivid pink fragrant flowers in late May. Frost resistant. Moderate oval to upright growth habit.

Magnolia x loebneri
'Merrill' (tree)
Fragrant magnolia that flowers heavily; resembles a white cloud when in flower.

Magnolia x loebneri
'Powder Puff' (tree)
Very attractive pure white blooms. Many tepals give a powder puff appearance. Blooms well when young.

Magnolia x loebneri
'Spring Joy' (tree)
Good white magnolia that flowers a little later in the spring. Large, white, fragrant 5-6" blooms. Good rounded bushy form.

Browse 27 plants: magn‑magn  magn‑magn 
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