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Plant Guide: Juniperus Genus

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Juniperus chinensis
Chinese Juniper 'Hetzii Columnari' (evergreen)
'Hetzii Columnaris' is an upright pyramidal form of juniper with bright green needles growing 10 to 15 feet tall. Juniper chinensis 'Hetzii Columnaris' AKA Fairview

Juniperus chinensis
Juniper 'Kallays Compact' (evergreen)
Compact form with deep green leaves and an abundance of juvenile foliage, rather flat topped.

Juniperus chinensis
Juniper 'Klehm Compact' (evergreen)
A time-tested selection of compact pfitzer which stands at 12-15" tall at maturity. Without pruning they will spread to 6' wide.

Juniperus chinensis
Juniper 'Sea Green' (evergreen)
Fountain-like compact spreader, with arching, mint green foliage that darkens with age.

Juniperus communis
Golden Schnapps Juniper 'Golden Schnapps' (evergreen)
Upright conical form with light yellow new foliage.

Juniperus procumbens
Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper 'Nana' (evergreen)
A tight, compact spreading mound that cascades beautifully over walls and rocks.

Juniperus sabina
Savin Juniper 'Buffalo' (evergreen)
Good low spreader with feathery bright green foliage. Retains good color in winter. Very hardy. Salt tolerant, blight resistant.

Juniperus sargentii
Sargent Juniper 'Viridis' (evergreen)
Good light green foliage year round. Resistant to Juniper blight.

Juniperus squamata
Blue Star Juniper 'Blue Star' (evergreen)
Bright blue star like foliage in a tight mound. Needs good drainage.

Browse 9 plants: juni‑juni 
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