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Plant Guide: Hosta Genus

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Hosta 'Bingo' (Perennial)
Your always a winner with this highly rated seedling of the classic H. tokudama f. aureonebulosa! Rounded, cup shaped, lightly corrugated bluish-green centered leaves are...

Hosta 'Cheatin Heart' (Perennial)
Eye-catching miniature with golden, heart-shaped leaves. In mid-summer, the small foliage mound is topped with lavender flowers. Perfect choice for rock gardens.

Hosta 'Dark Star' (Perennial)
Narrow, blue green leaves are edged in a creamy white. Forms a perfectly symmetrical mound of foliage. Lavender flowers.

Hosta 'Formal Attire' (Perennial)
A large growing hosta which becomes a dense mound of foliage with nicely contrasting thick white margins. Lavender flowers on 36" scapes.

Hosta 'Fragrant Blue' (Perennial)
Frosty heart shaped leaves form a mound of intense blue, which remains throughout the season. Many white flowers in July have a light fragrance.

Hosta 'Great Expectations' (Perennial)
A true garden classic! Extremely wide, irregular variegated margin of blue and green with a light creamy-yellow center. Leaves are round and puckered with good substance....

Hosta 'Guacamole' (Perennial)
Reversed 'Fragrant Bouquet'. Excellent grower with shiny, gold centered, green margined leaves. Color intensifies with more light. Fragrant lavender flowers in midsummer....

Hosta 'Hadspen Blue' (Perennial)
A wonderful blue with an intense depth of color. Good form, substance and slug resistance. Large heart shaped glaucous blue leaves form a showy specimen in the garden. Ne...

Hosta 'June' (Perennial)
Popular gold centered sport of H. 'Halcyon'. Shades of yellow and yellow-green suffuse dark blue leaves. Varying irregular margins make each leaf distinctive and attracti...

Hosta 'Patriot' (Perennial)
Dark green heart shaped leaves have brilliant, snow white margins. Lightly wavy edges and upturned leaves for a distinctive look. Lavender flowers in July.

Hosta 'Sum and Substance' (Perennial)
Gorgeous, immensely popular Hosta with glossy, textured leaves. Chartreuse changes to gold in more light. This tremendous plant makes a bold statement in the garden. Whit...

Hosta 'Warwick Curtsey' (Perennial)
A hybrid from American Breeder Lloyd C. Jones. A rapid growing plant which produces a small clump of neat somewhat elongated heart shaped blue-green leaves each with a d...

Hosta 'Sunlight Child' (Perennial)
A choice miniature with small, pointed shiny golden-yellow leaves forming a neat tiny clump. Contrasting lavender flowers in early summer. Excellent for containers or the...

Hosta 'Thumbelina' (Perennial)
Attractive. Low mound of white-margined foliage of medium green. Petite lavender flowers in mid-summer.

Hosta 'Warwick Choice' (Perennial)
Leaves are green with an attractive white (pure) margin. Flowers near white.

Hosta 'Wylde Green Cream' (Perennial)
Sport of H. 'Vanilla Cream' slowly producing a dense rounded mound of small, almost round, golden yellow leaves with sharply contrasting irregular flowers with darker pur...

Hosta H. plantaginea x H. sieboldii
Hosta 'Royal Standard' (Perennial)
Glossy green, glistening foliage, with pure white, fragrant blooms in August. Vigorous grower adapts well to many light exposures.

Hosta montana
Hosta 'Mountain Snow' (Perennial)
Large plant with crisp green foliage and a thin, irregular pure white margin. Smooth texture and good substance. Lavender flowers in July.

Browse 18 plants: host‑host 
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