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Plant Guide: Hamamelis Genus

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Hamamelis vernalis
Spring Blooming Witchhazel (shrub)
Fragrant and surprisingly early spring yellow reddish blooms (often times in March). High quality shrub which is best used as a specimen. Good summer bold deep green leaf...

Hamamelis vernalis
Spring Blooming Witchhazel 'Autumn Embers' (shrub)
Early blossoming variety introduced by Roy Klehm. Fragrant orangish flowers, excellent fall color. A superb selection for the Upper Midwest.

Hamamelis vernalis
Spring Blooming Witchhazel 'Sandra' (shrub)
Colorful orange autumn foliage. Cutting grown selection from Hilliers in England. Nice soft yellow spring blooms.

Hamamelis virginiana
Fall Blooming Witchhazel (shrub)
Good selection for shady or woodsy situations. Late golden to yellow spray-like blossoms add interest to this high quality ornamental. Becomes large shrub or small multi-...

Hamamelis x intermedia
Arnold Promise Witchhazel 'Arnold Promise' (shrub)
Upright spreading habit with fragrant yellow early spring flowers. Not as hardy as vernal witchhazel.

Hamamelis x intermedia
Diane Intermedia Witchhazel 'Diane' (shrub)
Bright red flowers in early spring. Needs protected area.

Browse 6 plants: hama‑hama 
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