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Plant Guide: Fothergilla Genus

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Fothergilla gardenii
Dwarf Fothergilla Beaver Creek® ('KLMtwo') (shrub)
Versatile and interesting top-rated ornamental which tolerates full sun to over 1/2 shade. Early spring bottlebrush like white blooms cover the plants. Leaves and twig te...

Fothergilla gardenii
Fothergilla 'Mt. Airy' (Shrub)
Mounded shrub with two inch long bottlebrush white honey-scented flowers and spectacular orange-red fall color.

Fothergilla gardenii
Fothergilla 'Windy City' (Shrub)
Abundant creamy white flowers set against clean blue-green foliage which turns to excellent fall color.

Fothergilla major
Large Fothergilla Red MonarchTM ('KLMfifteen') (shrub)
Roy Klehm selected this clone for it's uniform growth habit and spectacular fall color.

Fothergilla monticola
Alabama Fothergilla May BouquetTM ('KLMsixteen') (shrub)
Introduced by Roy Klehm based on it's large, abundant blooms and consistent fall color. Alabama Fothergilla is the most upright and has the largest blossoms of all the F...

Browse 5 plants: foth‑foth 
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