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Plant Guide: Forsythia Genus

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Forsythia koreana
Korean Forsythia 'Kumson' (Shrub)
Unique white veins form a delicate network over the dark green leaves. Still has yellow 'Forsythia' flowers in Spring. Good plant for partial shade.

Forsythia viridissima
Greenstem Forsythia 'Bronxensis' (shrub)
Dwarf growth, fine textured leaves and branches make this a fine choice for many landscape situations. Soft yellow spring blooms. Matures at about 24" tall by 30-36" wide...

Forsythia x intermedia
Border Forsythia 'Northern Gold' (shrub)
A superior bloomer introduced from Canada. The clean, dark green summer foliage and burgundy fall color adds to the wonderful spring flower show.

Forsythia x intermedia
Border Forsythia 'Sunrise' (shrub)
A compact selection with bright yellow flower display. Flower bud hardy to -20°F. An Iowa State introduction.

Forsythia x intermedia
Compact Border Forsythia 'Happy Centennial' (shrub)
A new texture and form to consider from the Forsythia selections. The low, dwarf-spreading habit with horizontal branching is a very graceful form. Has bloomed well in ou...

Forsythia x intermedia
Compact Border Forsythia Golden PeepTM ('Courdic') (shrub)
A ball of gold in the spring. Rounded in form, with tight, compact, upright branching.

Forsythia x intermedia
Compact Border Forsythia GoldilocksTM ('Courtacour') (shrub)
Features very heavily flowered stems with large individual flowers. Much smaller than most Forsythias.

Browse 7 plants: fors‑fors 
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