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Plant Guide: Cornus Genus

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Cornus alba
Redtwig Dogwood Red GnomeTM ('Regnzam') (shrub)
Tightly branched shrub with upright stems that grows wider than tall. Form becomes more arching with maturity. Good red winter coloration on the stems.

Cornus mas
Cornellian Cherry Dogwood 'Red Stone' (Shrub)
A more rounded form of Cornelian Cherry Dogwood selected for its disease and insect resistance and its heavy fruit production. Early spring flowers, abundant fruit, fall...

Cornus pumila
Dwarf Red Tipped Dogwood (shrub)
Shiny, disease free dark green leaves. Beaver Creek inventory manager, Andy Ward, says "The leaves are always clean." The new stem tips and leaves are crimson red.

Cornus racemosa
Gray Dogwood (shrub)
Not overwhelming, but almost always looks good. The white fruit on bright red pedicels (fruit stems) is quite attractive and is relished by birds.

Cornus racemosa
Gray Dogwood Snow Mantle® ('Jade') (shrub)
A North Dakota State University introduction with glossy, rich green leaves and a vigorous, upright growth habit. Adaptable, but does very well in wet soils. Good flowe...

Cornus sericea
Coral Barked Dogwood 'Cardinal' (shrub)
Exciting new bright coral-red winter twig and branch coloration. Very colorful from November through March. Tall and upright growing.

Cornus sericea
Dogwood 'Avalon Gold' (Shrub)
A distinctive golden-yellow leaved dogwood. Vigorous, upright grower with deep wine-red branches that show well in Winter.

Cornus sericea
Redtwig Dogwood 'Baileyi' (shrub)
Among the most vigorous and upright strains of Redtwig Dogwood. Excellent dark wine-red winter branch color which contrasts nicely with snowy landscapes.

Cornus sericea
Redtwig Dogwood 'Bergeson Compact' (shrub)
Maybe the best compact red twig dogwood. Smaller size and less leaf spot than 'Isanti' or 'Allemans Compact'. Also has very good fall color.

Cornus sericea
Redtwig Dogwood 'Isanti' (shrub)
Compact and spreading form which blends nicely into modern landscapes. Dark carmine-red winter branches.

Cornus sericea
Variegated Redtwig Dogwood Summer DreamsTM ('KLMfourteen') (shrub)
After trialing many varieties of variegated redtwig dogwood, Roy Klehm selected this one for it's clean foliage, bold variegation and compact, even, mounded form.

Cornus sericea
Yellowtwig Dogwood 'Bud's Yellow' (shrub)
Much healthier form of 'Flaviramea'. This is the recommended clone of Yellowtwig Dogwood.

Cornus stolonifera (C. sericea)
Redtwig Dogwood 'Alleman's Compact' (shrub)
Compact, fine textured shrub. Blood red winter twigs. More resistant to leaf spot diseases than 'Isanti'.

Browse 13 plants: corn‑corn 
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