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Plant Guide: Betula Genus

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Betula nigra
River Birch 'Summer Cascade' (Tree)
Handsome specimen tree with exfoliating bark that is a light reddish brown color, peeling freely and deeply furrowed creating year-round interest. Foliage is dark green a...

Betula nigra
River Birch Heritage Improved® (tree)
Chosen from a single specimen of Heritage river birch that had unusually light colored bark compared to the others. In other ways it is like Heritage river birch.

Betula nigra
River Birch Heritage® ('Cully') (tree)
Beautiful tan exfoliating bark, borer resistant and fast growing. Likes moist conditions. Zones 3b to 9a.

Betula nigra
River Birch   'Select' (tree)
Naturalistic, exfoliating, orange-toned bark give this birch great appeal. Our clumps are full and branched at ground level. River Birch perform up to their maximum pote...

Betula nigra
River Birch   Fox ValleyTM ('Little King') (tree)
Good uniform compact growth, good insect resistance, glossy green foliage. Exfoliating bark shows patterns of cinnamon red and salmon pink on the trunk. Ideal for small l...

Betula papyrifera
Paper Birch 'Renci' Renaissance Reflection® PP 12768 (Tree)
The exfoliating white bark and pyramidal form of this specimen make it ideal for year-round interest. Birch borer resistant.

Betula papyrifera
Paper Birch Renaissance Compact® ('Cenci') PP12767 (tree)
Very good Borer resistance, white birch. The slender, upright form lends itself to growing as a clump.

Betula papyrifera
Paper Birch Renaissance Upright® (Uenci') (tree)
A true Paper Birch with good Bronze Birch Borer resistance. The brown bark on young plants turns snowy white and peels when the tree reaches about 10' high.

Betula papyrifera
Paper Birch Royal Frost® (tree)
Glossy deep burgundy red leaf color and cinnamon to white exfoliating bark, maintains a strong central leader, medium to fast growth rate. Adapts to moist conditions, dee...

Betula platphylia var. szechuanica x populifolia
White Birch White SatinTM ('Madison') PPAF (tree)
Satin-white bark with good borer resistance and a uniform upright pyramidal habit. Originated at Longenecker Horticultural Gardens, UW-Madison.

Betula populifolia
Gray Birch 'Whitespire Sr'. (tree)
The result of propagation of the original single tree in Dr. Ed Hasselkus's University of Wisconsin Madison Arboretum's Longenecker Gardens. This effort and name clarific...

Betula utilis
Himalayan Birch/Indian Paper Birch (tree)
White to pinkish white bark. Prefers a cool root run to minimize the possibility of borers.

Browse 12 plants: betu‑betu 
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