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Plant Guide: Aronia Genus

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Aronia arbutifolia
Red Chokeberry 'Brilliantissima' (shrub)
Well behaved landscape shrub with glossy summer leaves and an attractive crop of fall and early winter bright red berries. Grows to 6-8' tall and forms a suckering colony...

Aronia melanocarpa
Black Chokeberry 'Autumn Magic' (shrub)
A new Canadian cultivar selected for it's upright form, smaller stature, and wonderful red and purple fall color.

Aronia melanocarpa
Black Chokeberry Iroquois BeautyTM ('Morton') (shrub)
Introduced by the Chicagoland Grows Program, grows to less than 3' tall after 10 years.

Browse 3 plants: aron‑aron 
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