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Plant Guide: Aesculus Genus

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Aesculus flava (A. octandra)
Yellow Buckeye (tree)
Useful in parks and other areas where large spaces are not a problem. Perhaps the most beautiful of the large growing Aesculus.

Aesculus glabra
Ohio Buckeye   (tree)
Good native, best used in parks, natural areas and other large areas. Definitely not recommended for small residential lots. Interesting bark of lasting interest.

Aesculus hippocastanum
Double Flowering Horsechestnut 'Baumannii'   (tree)
Beautiful double white flowers, no fruit. Flowering lasts longer than the species. Best used in large, open areas. Definitely not for small, residential areas.

Aesculus hippocastanum
European Horsechestnut  (tree)
Large growing beautifully charactered specimen tree. It develops graceful, down swooping branches. Beautiful white cone-shaped flower panicles up to 12" high and 6" wide....

Aesculus turbinata
Japanese Horsechestnut (tree)
Stiff branching and coarse-textured with large dark green leaves.

Aesculus x
'Autumn Splendor' (tree)
A glabra/pavia/flava cross with good red fall color. Very resistant to leaf scorch, likes cool, moist soils.

Aesculus x
'Homestead' (tree)
A large tree, cross of A. glabra x A. octandra, more formal than A. glabra with yellowish red flower panicles and red fall color.

Aesculus x carnea
Red Horsechestnut 'Fort McNair' (tree)
Light pink flowers with a yellow throat, stout tree that grows faster than other pink flowering cultivars. Foliage holds into late fall.

Aesculus x carnea
Red Horsechestnut 'O'Neil' (tree)
Redder flowers than most other cultivars.

Browse 9 plants: aesc‑aesc 
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