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Beaver Creek Nursery Plant Guide

Welcome to the Beaver Creek Nursery Plant Guide. While developing the design for the Plant Guide, we continually referred to our customers' most frequently asked questions regarding plant characteristics and usage. Hopefully by listening to our customers, we have created a valuable resource that is quick, easy to use, reliable, and informative.

The Plant Guide is meant to be a reference source and not a catalog. You will notice that there are no prices or plant sizes. There are two reasons for this. First, and most importantly, the Plant Guide is intended to be a valuable sales tool with photographs and helpful information that can be shared with your customers. Secondly, prices and availability change quickly. You can always request an up-to-date price and availability list via this site.

For retail customers

We have a mail order branch at specializing in the newer and more unusual perennial or woody plant in 1 or 2 gal boxable shipping size shipped both domestically and internationally.
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